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JANE’S MARRIAGE (“The Janeities”)

 This week, I want to share with you one of my favorite poets, Rudyard Kipling.  I found this intriguing poem while reading some of his work.  It brought tears to my eyes because it parallels my feelings for Jayne.  It has different references that I relate to, being the romantic that I am.  The above title is the name of the poem. 

Jane went to Paradise:
That was only fair.
Good Sir Walter followed her,
And armed her up the stair.
Henry and Tobias,
And Miguel of Spain,
Stood with Shakespeare at the top
To welcome Jane—

When the Three Archangels
Offered out of hand
Anything in Heaven’s gift
That she might command.
Azrael’s eyes upon her,
Raphael’s wings above,
Michael’s sword against her heart,
Jane said: “Love.”

Instantly the under-
Standing Seraphim
Laid their fingers on their lips
And went to look for him.
Stole across the Zodiac,
Harness Charles’s Wain
And whispered round the Nebulae
“Who loved Jane?”

In a private limbo
Where none had thought to look,
Sat a Hampshire gentleman
Reading of a book.

It was called Persuasion.
And it told the plain
Story of the love between
Him and Jane.

He heard the question
Circle Heaven through—
Closed the book and answered:
“I did—and I do!”
Quietly but speedily
(As Captain Wentworth moved)
Entered into Paradise
The man Jane loved!
--Rudyard Kipling

Copyright 1999 by Harry Martin Polis


 As a young girl, she was kind-of cocky, a fiery spirit.  A glint in her eye told you here was a person who really had something inside you wanted to know.  She was alive and has always been.  She can see to the core of many problems.  You can count on her advice not to steer you wrong.  Her friends really love and respect her, and they themselves are especially good people.  She is very talented in lots of directions and she won my heart long ago.  This lady marches to her own drummer on a road she has chosen, and she knows where she wants to go.  When she is angry, she is very, very angry.  She can cut you to the quick in a minute, but once you understand her, you cannot help but love her.  In Yiddish, there is a name for her: Suzie Bren. 
         Suzie Bren is a general name for the fiery character I have described.  I know one personally and I love her deeply.  You see, my Suzie Bren is my beloved wife, Jaynee.  From the first time I saw her drive up in her dad’s 1954 Chevy, I knew someone different was coming my way.  She is burned into my memory with love and respect.  My caring for her keeps growing as it has for the past 35 years, and God willing, many more.
Copyright 2000 by Harry Martin Polis
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Honey and family

 Yesterday Jaynee, our friend Nancy, and I went downtown to see the Art Galleries.  It was the First Friday of the month and all the galleries were open with refreshments, laughter, and fun.  People were walking from one to another, snacking on the free cookies and cake as they danced merrily up and down the little streets. 
 On the South side of Market Street, there was another opening, and we were interested in that one too.  Our daughter, Honey was performing at Kyber Pass on 2nd Street, near Chestnut.  Honey is the drummer in an all-girls band, called Ken.  This was to be the first time we saw Honey play on stage.  We normally are home watching movies at 10:00 at night, but there we were, walking into a smoky standing-room only bar with people half our age.   Ten at night was early for the band, so Honey introduced us to her friends in the band.  They were all professional women, all nice.  One said her parents wouldn’t come there.  Their objections were the same as ours, but there we were for at least the tune-up.  Nancy and Jaynee slid down the wall to the floor and kind-of lounged there.  Nancy went and found me a chair because I would never have been able to rise from the floor.      The band started to tune up.   Gradually, they came together, then, BAM! They started playing one of their tunes.  It was terrific.  I was unprepared.  Honey was looking beautiful and really doing a good job banging those drums.
 One of the perks of life is when we raise our children, then enjoy their enjoying their lives.  To feel proud of them is such a lovely feeling.  I was all puffed up inside about my wonderful daughter playing her drums in her all-girls band.  She’s my favorite teacher, living her life to the fullest.  Who can ask for anything more?
Copyright 1999 by Harry Martin Polis
Harry is available for lectures and entertainment with stories and poetry.  Contact SCOOP USA, or e-mail Harry.