The  Beat: True Stories From the Streets

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 It is official!  I am retired from the School District of Philadelphia!  After over sixteen years, I end this chapter of my life.  I will now proceed to new, interesting times.  I look forward with great anticipation to my new adventures.  I have always lived my life on the sunny side of the street, and I’ll continue to do that.  I always challenge my negative thoughts.  I use love as my way of relating to the world. 

Disraeli Sings Opera by Jaynee Levy-Polis
 I am a lucky man.  I have a wonderful wife and two great children.  I am so proud of all of them.  Brian, this summer, has been accepted for a college chemistry course at Philadelphia Community College, which is not too shabby for a beginning 11th grade student.  Honey continues to work hard as a teacher, volunteering to take on challenging assignments, while studying for her doctorate, and playing in two bands.  Jaynee is exhibiting her artwork and producing more all the time.  I am so happy for her and us.  As for me, I am pursuing my writing in as many directions as I can.  I love talking with people and sharing my knowledge and understanding. 
 I truly love people who are giving, loving and kind.  God bless the gentlepeople who add to the world’s love and positive growth.  Lord knows we need them all.  Each person who lends a helping hand to give another a chance is a living angel on earth.  I guess I am glowing and I am off to see the wizard and the wizard cares.  I am going to tell him, “Hallelujah!”  The Promised Land is in our hearts and minds, and in our caring souls.
Copyright 1999 by Harry Martin Polis

Picture this dream I had.  Perhaps many of you would like to do this yourselves.  First, I will set the scene.  We have all driven on a highway when suddenly, some jerk starts weaving in and out of the lanes, cutting cars off, and almost causing accidents.  These people, men and women, are mostly young people trying to boost their egos by proving they can “beat” other drivers.  Since they haven’t yet learned they are not invincible; they take, and force us to take, unnecessary risks.  Here is the dream part.  My hero, “The Masked Avenger”, is out there, driving his rent-a-wreck, a broken-down smashed fendered, paint-peeling, cracked windshield of a car.  You can probably picture the car I am talking about. 
My hero rides the highways and byways in search of aggressive roadsters.  Following closely on their heels, he keeps pace with their speed demon racing.  The Masked Avenger leans out his window and wishes us a hearty, “High-ho Silver!”  We watch him quickly catching up with a young lane-changer. He taps the rear bumper, and knocks the cell phone from the driver’s hand.  Then he’s off to the next aggressor, classical music blasting.  He catches up with the gum-chewing, cigarette-smoking woman, who is busy changing lanes while putting on mascara.  She thinks she owns the road.  His job is to show her she does not.  The Avenger catches up to her and pulls alongside.  He comes close, closer. He sideswipes her car and she hardly notices.  He uses his paint blaster gun to zap her car.  Her car now says, “You have been had by the Masked Avenger!”  He pulls out his stereo megaphone, gets ready, and yells, “Learn to drive! you (choose one) 1)idiot  2)dirt bag  3)low-life  4)bum !” Then, merrily off goes the Masked Avenger in search of another King of the Road. 
That morning, I awoke refreshed and ready for the roads.  Sometimes in dreams we win against that things that irk us in real life.  That was a dream we might all like to see come true.  Wouldn’t it be great to get the idiots behind the wheel to use whatever brain God gave them for more than something to hold the cell phone up to?

Copyright 1999 by Harry Martin Polis